My Personal Collectics of Vintage Avon Beauty Dust

I hope you enjoy my beautiful collection of glorious beauty dust bowls. I am always on the lookout for these highly desirables and ideally would love them complete with the powder and puff included.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Circa 1969
 A GORGUS bowl - really more of a mauve although it looks pink as seen in the picture.  Very romantic Ellusive Beauty Dust ~ if only it contained the dust and puff :(

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A delicious coral tone sets of the stunning filligree design on the top of Unforgettable Beauty Dust.  What artistic flair for this circa 1965 treasure. 

This was added to my collection among the first arrivals but sadly is deplete of the treasure originally within.

Here's My Heart

This wonderfully antique looking beauty dust bowl is circa 1958 ~ the year I was born!  No wonder it looks antique - though stunning don't you think?
I love the gorgeous embossed design around the top of the lid and the string of pearl like trim around the edges of the bowl and lid top.
Sadly, I do not have this one yet, but will be searching for it and bring it home where it belongs ~ with me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Brocade Beauty Dust

This beauty is circa 1967 and is a stunning powder box  in a lovely brown and white brocade pattern with gold trim. Inside the box is a nice soft powder puff in a light brown color with a cream colored bow.
I love this one!

Avon Rapture Beauty Dust

Circa 1964
My very first piece of Avon Vintage!   My mother used to have this variety on her dressing table as I was growing up.  I never thought for one minute that I would ever be collecting it forty years later!